Over one hundred years
of musical excellence

Spirit of Foden's

Foden's Band Conducted by Michael Fowles

Featuring: Allan Withinton, Bramwell Tovey, John Wallace, Martin Winter and Rex Richardson

Spirit of Foden's


Track Listing

  1. Ruby and All Things Purple
  2. Spirit of Mingus
  3. Chrysalis Moon
    Trumpet/Cornet Soloists: Allan Withinton, Martin Winter, John Wallace and Mark Wilkinson
    4 - 6 Molecular Cocktail Party
  4. i. Riffs and Changes
  5. ii. Free and Written
  6. iii. Soul and Feel
  7. Madiba
  8. Film
    Baritone Soloist: Natsumi McDonald
  9. Big!
  10. Forgotten Place
  11. Let There be Peace
    Euphonium: Glyn Williams, Piano: Bramwell Tovey